TESOL Jobs at China

UUabc is looking for new teachers and they pay between $18 and $28 per hour! 👨🏫👩🏫

Having worked for them I can say that I think that their platform is amazing. The interactivity provided through inbuilt songs and videos is parallel to none. They offer between $18 and $28 per hour. This company treats teachers the way they should be and they really do listen. Please message me or comment if you’d be interested. I really do think that it is worth your time. I know that some teachers feel alienated by their companies and I think UUabc is a great move if you want a change, it’s how I feel.

Job Details ⬇️

-Salary $18-28 per hour

-Teach English to Chinese students aged 4 to 16

-Fun and interactive software

-Easy to use platform

-Up to 4 students in a class

-Support and training provided

-Minimum commitment 4 hours per week

-Peak times 6pm-9pm Beijing time Monday to Friday and 10 am to 9 pm on weekends


-Bachelor’s Degree

-2 Years of Teaching experience

– From USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa! 🇺🇲️🇨🇦️🇬🇧️🇳🇿️🇦🇺️🇮🇪️🇿🇦️

Please message me if you’re interested or send me your CV to: