English Teaching Jobs at Brazil

ESL Teacher Needed – Brazil!

By: Eric Schloeffel < Eric.Schloeffel@gmail.com >

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2019

Location: South America (Brazil)

Colegio Anglo Prudente, one of the most renowned private high schools in the state of Sao Paulo, needs an ESL teacher to meet oncoming demands.

Salary of $R 3,500 (more than three times what most Brazilian ESL teachers make). Living costs in region are substaintially lower than in vast majority of Brazilian major cities (such as Sao Paulo Center, Rio, etc.). Salary is easily enough to live comfortably and travel on breaks. Health insurance and inbound/outbound flights would be included.

Candidate needs to:

– be American

– speak at least intermediate Portuguese OR Spanish. Portuguese and Spanish are similar, thus Spanish speakers often learn Portuguese quickly

– have an ESL certificate and/or experience teaching ESL

– be friendly, high energy, presentable, and good with kids

– have a desire to learn another language (Portuguese)

Classes would involve various levels (basic to advanced) and various ages (but mostly adolescents/adults)