Teach English in Nanyang city, Henan China

Hello Everyone!

I am looking for 3 teachers to join our great team!

We are a training centre located in Nanyang City, Henan, China. Our students range from 3-14 years old.

We offer:

1. Salary 11 000 Yuan per month

2. 800 Yuan housing allowance

3. 16 days holidays (11 public holidays and 5 that the teachers can choose)

4. Medical insurance

5. Z-Visa

6. Paid residents permit and paid medical.


1. Native speaker

2. Degree

3. 25-50 year old

4. Fun and energetic

5. Can work in a team

Expectations of the teachers

1. 80 teaching hours per month and 20 office hours per months. 20 teaching and 5 office hours a week.

2. Lesson planning and prepare for classes. All though we provide lesson plans and materials, it is still expected that teachers help with building of the materials for classes.

3. Work well with a team consistent of Foreigners and Chinese.

4. Team player.

5. Work 5 days a week, Wednesday-Sunday. 2 and a half days off, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

If you think you are interested and qualify, please contact me via wechat (ID: TMardi) or email (mardidewitt@yahoo.com). Please provide your CV and an introduction video of yourself.